Therapy Services

Therapy Services

I can provide psychological assessments and individual psychological therapy face to face and via Skype.

To enquire about therapy sessions with please use the contact form below :

You can also contact me by email or phone using the details here.

What issues is therapy useful for ?

The therapy I provide is useful for many different difficulties, these include : stress, anxiety, depression, dealing with the effects of trauma, phobias, bereavements, difficulties in relationships and issues with self-esteem. The types of therapy I use are based on science and research into the understanding and alleviation of emotional difficulties.

What to expect when you first make contact

When you contact me to refer I will ask you to give me some brief details about what you are seeking support with to make sure this is the appropriate kind of service for you. We will then arrange an assessment session for you to come and meet me and discuss in more detail the difficulties you are facing and how therapy might be able to help. If you decide to go ahead with therapy with myself we will then agree to a number of sessions to initially meet for and then review this. We will usually meet on a weekly basis but this can be negotiated when we first meet depending on your needs.

What happens in a psychological therapy session ?

Therapy sessions are a safe and confidential space to explore the difficulties you are facing in your life and work towards facing these difficulties and overcoming them so you can achieve important and meaningful life goals. During sessions we will build a shared understanding of your struggles and what you would like to change in your life. As well as talking about issues, therapy will involve trying new ways of dealing with problems and also building up skills to practice inside and outside of the sessions. There are some differences in the models of therapy I use to support people and these are explained next.

What is Compassion Focused Therapy ?

Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) is a way of understanding how suffering in our lives comes about and then helps you to understand how to alleviate this. It uses scientifically researched methods to help build the skills and the courage to look at your difficult emotions and experiences and then take steps to alleviate the unwanted consequences of them. You can read more about why compassion is useful in helping with tricky emotions here.

What is Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy ?

This type of therapy helps you work with difficulties by looking at the thoughts (cognitions) and behaviours you experience during times of distress and how to work with them in a way which reduces the intensity of the distress and helps you to achieve important goals.

How do I know what will help ?

To a certain extent it will be some trial and error as no one way of working works for everyone. However, when we meet for the assessment we can discuss in more detail what the different therapies involve and what they may be good for. In reality, we will use a combination of both types of therapy but with an emphasis on the one which you think maybe most helpful for you. If none of therapies which I offer will suit your needs we can then discuss where you maybe able to access the appropriate help.

How long will the therapy last for ?

Each session will be for 50 minutes. Every person needs a different number of sessions and so it is difficult to say how many weeks therapy may last for you. There are many factors involved including how long you are prepared to commit to therapy for, the types difficulties you are experiencing and what you may wish to achieve in therapy. We can discuss these factors when we first meet for assessment and throughout therapy.